Are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. There are three types of dentures full, partial and implant retained.

Full dentures

Replace all missing natural teeth. The dentures rest on the upper or lower jaws or both, providing support to the face, giving a more natural, filled in look. They can work well in many cases but they do have limitations which would need to be discussed with the prosthodontist.

Partial dentures

Replace lost or missing teeth. They are held by clasps or attachments around the remaining teeth. They can be made from a combination of acrylic and cobalt-chrome for added strength. They can be designed to use the remaining teeth as support to reduce the amount of movement in the denture.

Implant retained denture

Are also known as implant overdentures. These are where implants are used to support either full or partial dentures. The implants are used to help clip or hold the dentures into the jaw. This can help overcome some of the limitations of removable dentures.

Dentures are customised by your prosthodontist to fit your mouth for the best combination of aesthetics and function.

Dentures can require minor adjustments to prevent them from causing bleeding gums, swelling and ulcers and it can take time to get use to the feel of dentures if you are used to wearing them already.

If teeth need to be removed and a denture recommend, your prosthodontist may recommend an immediate denture. This is where a tooth/teeth are removed and a denture fitted during the same visit. More frequent adjustments may be necessary with immediate dentures.

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