• a comprehensive outline of prosthodontic options
  • a clinician who takes the time to describe the advantages and limitations of their desired treatment options
  • a clinician who will stress the importance of managing risk factors and regular reviews with the referring clinician
  • a point of contact for prosthetic issues throughout their treatment

You acquire a specialist colleague, a clinician:

  • who will keep referring clinicians informed throughout all stages
  • who is available to discuss potential referral cases and progress of ongoing cases
  • with experience in coordination and management of cases involving multiple clinicians

We aim to keep you informed of your patients progress with will provide progress report within a week of patient consultation and can collaborate with you on your patient’s prosthodontic treatment plan.

Dr. Sravan has a fierce commitment to patient-centred care, referrer collaboration and mentorship. He encourages referrers, if they wish, to be involved in the planning (and sometimes execution) of their patient’s care.

Once Dr. Sravan has completed the necessary prosthodontic treatments, your patient will return to your clinic for their routine cleanings, exams and other dental procedures.

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